The Seven Day Renal Diet
Research Workshop

'The Seven Day Renal Diet' was a research workshop designed in collaboration with Kidney Care UK. To better understand the daily struggles faced by patients suffering from Kidney disease, our team adhered to the strict dietary restrictions of the renal diet for seven days and documented our feelings, findings and frustrations.

Our experience was presented and shared at the Tate Exchange (19-20 May 2018) to the general public, nutritional experts, dieticians and kidney patients. The space was designed to reflect a homely dinner table to encourage discussion, and to provide a comfortable space for others to share their own experiences.

The aim of the project was to empathise and learn directly from real renal patients. We wanted to use the Tate as a platform to provide patients the opportunity to feed direct input into a cookbook designed solely for them.

Created with: Chika Kusumahadi and Elie Fourcroy